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12 years ago

Merge support and forums

This is a request to do some level of merging of forum posts and support requests. Frequently I see a discussion started on the forums that I am interested in, but the discussion stops as soon as the original poster is directed to contact support. After that happens, the community never sees the results. This leads to a forum that contains very few solutions to the more complicated problems, and probably to a SmartBear support team that gets a lot of duplicate requests.

A solution to this would be if we could conduct our support requests on the forum instead of through a web form / email. That way solutions would be available to all.


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    Hi David,

    Thanks for starting this discussion! This is an interesting idea. However, there are some things that stop us from implementing this at this moment. One of the issues is that some secure information may be required when investigating complex issues. As you understand, sharing such kind of information is impossible through the Forum.

    Anyway, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions from you - SmartBear Customers! If you had some detailed description of how you would like to see this functionality, we would really appreciate it.