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2 years ago

How to skip executing the step for a concrete example, but run it for others?

Hi guys!

I am trying to find a way how to skip (not execute) only one step for a specific scenario example, but execute it for another one.
Current implementation will execute both scenario examples and in cucumber report I will see it's passing for both, but in reality no code should be executed for second example and mark it as not run (or skipped)


Basicacally, is there a way how to indicate a step to not be executed if I run it for another @ca example?
(as you can see inside step implementation I have if statement only for @us example, but I don't need to execute this step for @ca one.
Appreciate for any help!

Example of the feature:

Scenario Outline: Approve Report
    Given I login as "<user>" into "portal"
    And Open "<caseType>" case
    And I verify the Report has documents
    When I approve the Report
    Then the case status changes to "<expectedCaseStatus>"

      | user       | caseType | expectedCaseStatus |
      | test user  | US       | US Report Approved |

      | user       | caseType | expectedCaseStatus |
      | test user  | CA       | CA Report Approved |

  Then('I verify the Report has documents', async function (this: CustomWorld) {
    const {
      playwrightConfig: { page },
    } = this;
    const myPage = new MyPage(page);

    const caseTypeName = this.getGlobalVariable('caseType');
    if (caseTypeName.includes('US')) {
      await myPage.openDocumentTab();
      expect(myPage.documentStatus('my status'));

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