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4 years ago

Using two browser tabs (pages)


I'm using Firefox (latest version) and TestComplete 14.61.294. My test consist of testing web objects on one main browser page which requires clicking on a preview link that opens another browser tab/page that displays a PDF document. I do have to validate that the page properly opens. I do this by using the Object Spy on the browser tab name (that's mapped) and assign the ObjectType property of a variable.

When clicking back on the main browser page to perform an operation on another control, an error is reported saying that the mapped object doesn't exist. This apply to any objects on the main browser page.


I can only assume that the focus is lost on the main browser page after performing an operation on the second browser page.  I've gone through some of the online documentation to find clues on how to get the focus back but nothing conclusive.


Can anyone assist on this? Really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.