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4 years ago

Recent Reviews List

How can I remove entries in the Recent Reviews List. Even if I cancel a review, I can still see the review appearing in the Recent Reviews List

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    There is the Closed checkbox at the top of the home page. If you uncheck it, the WebUI will not display completed (canceled) reviews. See the screenshots attached.

    There are two other checkboxes that serve as filters too: Active and Waiting. Unchecking them removes the reviews with corresponding statuses from the Action Items view.

    Besides, there is a reporting feature that allows you to filter reviews by arbitrary data. However, this feature does not affect the Home Page, it only retrieves reviews sorted by various parameters. The list of parameters depends on the Collaborator edition you are using. Besides, if you are not the Collaborator administrator, the reporting page may not be accessible for you if the administrator didn't enable access to reports for everyone.