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14 years ago

Not the 'biggest' diff of a file shown when reviewing

See attached image. There are several versions of a file added to a review. In the compare menu 'left' is autoselected as the second version. I couldn't find a way to always select the earliest version for 'left'



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    Hi Ward,

    In your Preferences (click the "Prefs" link at the top-right), you should be able to click on the "Diff Viewer" tab, then find the options called "Default Version Comparison".  Choose the setting "Current vs. Base Version".   Does that work as you expect?  
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    Hi Cody,

    That's already my "Default Version Comparison" mode.


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      I also have "Current vs base".  I would assume base is the version checked in before I did any work and Current to be last checked in, however it only shows diffs between last 2 versions.  Using git and multiple SHAs.


      But then there is an option "All changes".  Are these options described somewhere?