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4 years ago

Migration of user accounts to new machine?

I've been playing with Collaborator off and on.  I had v10.2.10200 installed, and wanted to move it to another machine and run v13.  I first upgraded the old machine to v13 and then copied the collaborator-content-cache folder to the new machine.  But when I tried to log in on the new machine, it didn't recognize my credentials.


I suppose that the user accounts are stored elsewhere (I'm not using LDAP, this is just a very basic test installation), but the only information I can find online mentions copying the collaborator-content-cache folder.


Can anyone please tell me how I can get my existing user account on the old machine migrated?

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      I did migrate the db data according to that page prior to posting my question -- it didn't seem to work.  Is there a way to debug this by reviewing logs?