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12 years ago

Markers at wrong coordinates in document reviews in Collaborator 8


We've recently upgraded to Collaborator 8.

Everything seems to work fine, except for two things:

On Windows 7/IE8, adding comments to files takes ages.

And another issue is that, when adding markers to a document in review, the marker gets added not where you clicked.

ie the markers were displayed further and further away from the top-left coordinates, so {0,0} (top left of the review frame) is correct, but when you click on , say, {20,10}, the marker would be added to {30,15}. Markers loaded from reviews are also displayed in the wrong location. (note I used low numbers merely to illustrate).

On some machines it works fine though

Just wondered if anyone has seen this

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    Hi Francois,

    Regarding the slowness while adding comments:

    If the slowness affects individual character display, check if you have any anti-virus running that may impede the process.

    If the slowness affects the entire chat when you click "add", also check to see if you have any triggers running that may affect performance.

    Yes, we're aware of the displaced pushpins doing document review in IE8. That is a previously reported known issue (ref. defect case 70455) that will be available in our next maintenance release.

  • I also reported pushpins in wrong location, April 1, 2013, Defect #71557.  We're using IE8 on XP.  They appear correctly if the display is at 100%.  Anything else places the pins in the wrong location.  Looking forward to the maintenance release.

    Wayne Morrison