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12 years ago

Create trigger running batch file does requires login every time?

I am creating a batch file which is run via the create trigger.

The login process is kinda slow, is there a way I can avoid running the login command in the beginning of the batch file? Now every time the trigger is called, the login is run.

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  • Could you please try to manually log in using the "ccollab login" command line before executing the batch file and removing the login command from the batch file? Please let us know if that works for you.


     - Manuel
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    Hi Manuel,

    Yes, It works! I removed the login command, and it is faster now., thanks. Do I not need to login in order to run a command (eg.:  review edit) via a trigger?

  • Hi Laszlo,

    You can either specify the command global options --user and --password on the command line or log in via the ccollab login command line program on the machine that executes the trigger.

    The login ticket time to live can be configured under Admin > General > External Clients and "Login Ticket Time-To-Live" setting.

    The global options reference can be found at