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13 years ago

Compare git diff does not show the oldest version

Hi there,

we've got a problem with git diffs. If the developer...

  1. adds a commit via addgitdiffs,

  2. adds a second commit via addgitdiffs,

  3. finishes the setup and gives the review to the code reviewer.

The code reviewer...

  1. opens the specific review

  2. opens the specific file

... the compare view does not show the differences between the very first upload and the last change made to this file.

Our reviewers complained that this behavior is very inconvenient because they have to switch the versions manually every time. Is there a fix or a configuration for this?

Please have a look at the following screenshots and feel free to contact me for further information.

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    The default comparison can be changed in the user settings:

    From the web client, click the "Settings" link in the tool bar, the select the Diff Viewer tab. Changing the "Default Version Comparison" setting will change which versions are displayed, by default, in the diff viewer.

    However, this is contingent upon being able to clearly identify a base version - which may not be possible with addgitdiffs, as it allows for the upload of arbitrary files, absent any SCM indexing. They might try using addchangelist.