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10 years ago

Can Collaborator successfully integrate with the Git VCS capability provided within TFS?

Starting with Visual Studio 2013, Git was provided as a second available VCS choice within Team Foundation Service. In Microsoft documentation, it is stated that "Git in Visual Studio and TFS is standard Git". In the Collaborator User's Guide section on Git Integration, there is a sentence "We require Git v1.7.4 or later".


My question is: Can the Collaborator tool successfully integrate with TFS's Git implementation? 

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  • We have not tested that configuration, so officially we can't say that we support it.  Based on what information I've seen, they're shipping something fairly mainstream as git implementations go, so it seems possible at least.  I haven't found much information from trivial searching on what Git version they are aiming for compatibility with, but 1.7.4 was released in early 2011 and so I would hope that TFS 2013's Git implementation would be compatible. Try and let us know? :)