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13 years ago

Let AQTime use more processors?

I feel like this has probably been addressed before but I didn't find much in my few searches.

Is it possible to let AQTime use more then one processor? I'm running some allocation tests and everything goes slower than grass grows.. in the winter.. with no water.. or sun.. point being I go the task manager and one core (out of 8 in my case) is running at close to 100% while all the others are on vacation. I feel like giving it an extra processor or two would make my computer's life so much easier.

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  • Hello Michael,

    AQtime injects its code into the process of the profiled application and operates in the same thread and uses the same processor that the profiled code does. If the application creates objects in several threads simultaneously, AQtime can make use of more than one processor as long as it is able to and depending on the operating system settings.