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7 years ago

Certificate Error on tests from some Alertsite sites

I created a short Alertsite Dejaclick script to test a web site logon, which worked fine when I tried it in my Firefox browser.  However, when I did the "Test on Demand" using the Calgary site with a Firefox browser, Firefox immediately displays a certificate error page and the test fails (see attached image).  If I repeat it with the Chrome browser the test succeeds.


I have been finding recently that some of the tests to the same site that used to work fine, no longer work from some of the Alertsite locations, even though neither the web pages nor the scripts have been changed recently.


Do you have any suggestion about what is causing this problem?  I have tried accessing the web site in question myself using various browsers and I don't get a certificate error.

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  • It appears to be an issue with an intermediate certificate. If the server in Calgary is unable to validate the certificate through a valid certificate authority chain, a dialog prompt is presented and the page shown displayed. The certificate itself may be fine, but we are unable to validate it through a valid CA which causes the issue.


    To resolve the problem, you can add a Dialog Prompt property to the script on the event triggering the 93 error. Using a CERIFICATE_INVALID prompt should resolve the issue. More on this in the post at the link below.


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      Thanks very much.  I made the script change that you recommended and let it run for a week; the script works reliably now.